Airbus A400M Atlas - 1/144 - Revell

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AIRBUS A400M ATLAS 1/144 - Revell

AIRBUS A400M ATLAS - CÓDIGO: REV 04859 - NCM: 95030050

Airbus A400M Atlas - 1/144 Revell  04859



Kit para montar - Airbus A400M Atlas - 1/144
Escala: 1/144

Comprimento: 320 mm

Largura/envergadura: 293 mm

Número de peças: 160
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Sobre o original:

The A400M is a newly developed cargo and transport aircraft designed for use by the European NATO States which also meets the international requirements of the various Air Forces. As a replacement for the C-130 and C-160 it can carry more than twice the payload and can take-off and land on unprepared airfields. Thirty percent of the fuselage consists of composite fibre materials. The first production aircraft - MSN007 was handed over to the French Air Force in August 2013. Its first operational use was a flight to Mali at the end of December 2013. The aircraft can for example carry 116 soldiers, or two Unimog 2450L or 2 Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopters. It is also possible to dispatch paratroopers and cargo on parachutes as well as to install military MedEvac hospital equipment to move or repatriate injured personnel. It has an in-flight refuelling probe which can significantly increase its range. By 2020 the German Air Force aims to station forty aircraft at Wunstorf airfield with Aviation Transport Squadron 62.

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