Navio de busca e salvamento Berlin - 1/72 Revell

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Navio de busca e salvamento Berlin - 1/72 - Revell


Navio de busca e salvamento Berlin - 1/72 Revell 05211



Kit para montar - Navio de busca e salvamento Berlin - 1/72

Escala: 1/72

Número de peças: 208

Comprimento: 382mm


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Opções de decalques: - DGzRS Berlin- DGzRS Hermann Helms

Sobre o original:Hurricane squalls with speeds of over 100 km/h, wave crests over 5 m high, rain showers and cold - the search & rescue vessels of the DGzRS (German maritime search and rescue service) often have to go out under these conditions. Their sea rescue work is financed exclusively by charitable donations. The search & rescue vessel BERLIN from the Laboe (Baltic) Station is one of the most effective units. Constructed out of salt-water proof light metal, the BERLIN is distinguished by a high level of seaworthiness with self-righting capabilities. She is driven by one 1,200 kW MTU diesel engine and two 610 kW MWM diesel engines. Speed: 23 knots; range: 2,300 sea miles. She has a 9 man crew, 4 of whom are permanently on board. A daughter boat located in a well in the after-deck has a low draught to enable her to be used in shallow waters and reaches a speed of 17 knots.
For 25 years Revell and the DGzRS (German maritime search and rescue service) have been involved in a special partnership. It all began with the model of the then ultra-modern sea rescue cruiser BERLIN. From then on every Revell model kit sold has supported the important work of the sea rescue service. During this time over 100,000 Euros have been collected.

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